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Take a Hike!

This blog explores the benefits of IV hydration for the adventure athlete

Let me tell you about an incredible hike called the Yosemite Grand Tour. I recently completed this EPIC 16-mile loop and I have to say, it is the most beautiful, picturesque and mind-blowing day hike I have ever done. Before you go out and tackle the 4,500 feet of elevation gain up to 7,200 feet altitude, you need to make sure you are prepared both mentally and physiologically.

The mental part is easy. This trail is so engaging you will forget you are exercising and just get lost in the spectacular landscapes. This trail takes you up the mist trail past Vernal falls to Nevada falls, then you will hop on the John Muir trail over to Panorama trail to Illilouette falls, and up to glacier point before dropping 3,500 feet back down to the valley floor. You will see massive waterfalls up close from the bottom and the top. You will see half dome from all angles and have expansive east valley views of royal arches, Yosemite falls, and Tuolumne meadows. You can enjoy ice cream at glacier point (what!) and take in the broadest views of the park. As you descend back into the valley you will enjoy glorious west valley views of the Merced River winding through the valley floor and El Capitan dominating the north wall. It is both magical and awe inspiring.

Now for the hard part, getting ready physiologically. This is a hard hike, but IV hydration can help you knock this hike out without getting knocked down yourself. That holds true for any high intensity challenge, whether you are hiking, running, climbing, back country skiing, or horseback riding.

Pretreating with an IV the day before an adventure will prime your body for success. The vitamins and minerals you get are 100% available immediately and are taken up into your body’s cells. This will provide you with a significant energy boost, improve performance and endurance during your hike.

Also, being well hydrated is the number one way to avoid altitude sickness. If you are not acclimated, getting an IV the day before going to altitude can prevent symptoms of altitude sickness which include headache, nausea, and dizziness.

Adequate hydration is essential for maintaining good cognitive function as well. All outdoor adventures require mental clarity, some require it more than others. If you are hiking or back country skiing, making the right decisions can mean the difference between life and death. Taurine is an amino acid that helps with mental focus and combats fatigue.

While you are hiking you will be experiencing rapid fluid losses to sweating and evaporation. You will be losing salt, potassium and other electrolytes making you more susceptible to cramping and fatigue. Replace those lost fluids and electrolytes is the best thing you can do to speed up your recovery.

Magnesium is excellent for muscle recovery. Getting an IV with magnesium is the best thing you can do to treat and prevent muscle soreness. Most forms of oral magnesium are not well absorbed and will do more for producing a bowel movement than easing sore muscles. If you do take magnesium orally, be sure to take magnesium-threonate which has the best oral absorption of the oral forms. Avoid magnesium-oxide.

Finally, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which are essential for muscle repair and growth. There will be some degree of muscle damage when you exercise hard. Supplementing with IV amino acids after a tough physical challenge will aid in recovery, reduce muscle soreness and support muscle endurance for your next adventure.

Ready to hit the trails? Call Daybreak and ask for the Sport Pro Flow package before and after your next big journey to optimize your health and perform at your best!

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