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The Hydration Process

Easy steps for how it works:

1. Contact Daybreak Hydration at (702) 479-2714 or book online with your email, phone, and desired treatment location. 

2. A telemedicine conference is conducted with a licensed provider from either your smartphone or computer where you can tell us your needs just like if you were at the doctor’s office.

3. A licensed RN comes to your location, performs a physical assessment and confirms the treatment with the provider to ensure your safety, and then infusion treatment can begin! Most sessions take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

Friendly physician giving thumbs up. Image by Sander Sammy
  • Does getting an IV hurt?
    While some discomfort can occur with the insertion of the catheter, our nurses are fully licensed and trained to administer all medications and fluids in a safe, clean, and with as much comfort as possible. The majority of medications and infusions are extremely comfortable and often relaxing following the insertion of the catheter.
  • Is every staff member of Daybreak Hydration professionally licensed?
    Yes, every staff member from ownership down to the nurse who will physically treat you is not only professionally licensed, but bring with them a wealth of experience from major hospital systems and is additionally trained in patient-centered care and evidence based practice. If you don’t require a vitamin or medication, it will not be recommended, saving you money and time while still keeping your unique needs in focus.
  • How long does a treatment benefit me?
    Most treatments you will feel the benefits from for several days to potentially weeks! This is dependent upon how acute/severe the condition we are treating you for is, what medications/vitamins/minerals are being infused, and which protocols of scheduling infusions are being done. Some infusions simply by themselves will last you a week, while others if loading doses are provided can last for several weeks to a month.
  • What if I have diabetes, asthma, or other pre-existing conditions?
    Your wellness and safety are at the forefront of every treatment we provide: This is the whole point of Daybreak Hydration, to provide preventative health and maintain your health and wellness. As such, thorough medical assessment and evaluation of all pre-existing conditions, allergies, and medication interactions is taken into account as we build a treatment plan unique to your needs. If it’s not safe, we’re not going to do it and will explore other options to take care of your needs. Any adverse reactions that may occur during the course of treatment our staff are fully trained to respond to safely and efficiently.
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